Openbox, our JavaScript API enables the creation of amazing experiences, drawing on third party platforms and tools, to be embedded as widgets within Beamly.

Widgets have full access to the contextual and program information, calling social and interactive functions like log-in, launch lightbox, book-to-watch

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Beamly Unboxed

Instantly add fun with Beamly to your website with our selection of embeddable widgets and buttons including TV Rooms

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Use the REST APIs that power our apps to Beamly-enable any website, widget or on-screen interaction, or to connect to broadcast technology platforms.

Access Live Tags (our live stream of contextual data), pull enhanced programme data into websites and native applications, or use the social platform to plug in to Twitter and Facebook.

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Live Tags

Live Tags are a stream of contextually relevant information in synch with live broadcasts and adverts.

Sourced from content recognition, language processing and refinement systems, and from expert editorial teams around the world, Live Tags link to topic pages, custom widgets, music downloads, cast profiles, quizes and interactive experiences.

Social The social platform includes log-in and authentication, viewing activity (watching and booking) social activity (sharing and shout-outs) and a real-time presence and event system - all closely integrated with Facebook and Twitter networks.
  • Filtered Tweet Service high-quality Tweets related to an Episode.
  • Buzz Tweet volume by broadcast.
  • Starwatch celebrity, sports star and notable Tweets matched to current broadcasts.
TV Guide
  • EPG - a full programme guide editorially enhanced with links, hashtags, search terms and images.
  • Downloads from iTunes and Google Play stores related to topics or programs

In addition to show-level sponsorship and branding opportunities. Advertising APIs add real-time targeting capability, including new interactive format SpotSynch.


Provides the same write-access to Beamly as producers enjoy with our Mission Control CMS - for simple integration with broadcast and second screen technology platforms.

Show pages can be enhanced before and during broadcast by customising branding, Live Tags , widgets and metadata.


Designed to integrate Beamly into native applications like the Sky+ and Foxtel TV Guide apps.

  • Native social authentication log in to the Beamly network
  • Openbox Client API Openbox-enable a native device to support custom widgets